Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Can not believe how fun it is to have my own toys and play with my brothers!!
Boy this picture is worth $$$$ actually priceless, I want to thank Pam Speck, her sister Karen, Amy shepherd, Angela Zimmerman, Dalaine Thomas & Debbie Yeager, these fine women saved me from being in the DOG HOUSE at almost 22 years of marriage... Jeff and the boys were not going to be satisfied with PBJ"s for Thanksgiving meal they keep asking what are we going to do on Thanksgiving for "The Meal" I said I can not worry about that right now (remember we got home the night before Thanksgiving) and I was not in any shape to go shopping for the food then cook it, I said the Lord will work it out, remember HE cares about the small stuff, even mash potatoes, and pies. Sure enough while we were in China I received an email from Pam Speck asking if she could prepare a meal for us, What a blessings, GIRLS thank you from the bottom of my heart, the food was such a wonderful blessings... NOW we are aware of WHY Pam Speck cooked... She wanted to she Lily Mae ASAP!! That's ok we appreciate her honesty ahhahahaha


Boy this sure is icing on the cake!!! Look how sweet they are to me, but they both arguing BUT ONLY about who is going to hold me or put me in my carseat, I can handle that... It actually prepares me for when all the boys will argue over me when I am older, nothing wrong with early training ahahhhahahhahh.


(this takes my breathe away)

I wont have to share it with anyone else, WOW did you see the sheets how stroft they are, this whole American thing has turned out to be really nice... between Big brothers, stroft sheets and my own bed I know I am going to like it here in America... Thanks ebrebody ahahhahha


Now this is my papaw he is helping me walk, (I first saw him at the airport, he came to welcome me home!! ) AFTER he helped me walk he got on the floor and played with me and my new toys. He owns his own jewelry store, but claims I am the RAREST GEM he has every seen, and that I am a precious jewel, now how sweet is that!!

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