Tuesday, November 28, 2006

These little girls were so cute they were at the temple and Jeff saw them he said they were just talking away, the one on the left looks so serious... too precious, everything about there culture was so intreging... I actually miss being there, after recovering from the long jet lag!!
These are moments that I will cherish a lifetime, Lily Mae actually had to learn to grip my thumb, in the beginning she would just have her hand wide open not knowing to grip around my thumb, this was a great achievement for us!!! and what a welcomed moment!!!

WHAT A SWEET LITTLE PRINCESS! WE ARE SO TRUELY BLESSED!! When we first got into our car at the airport Andrew or Dillon not sure which one said "now this is just what our family needed!" What a sweet comment! God has truely blessed us with such wonderful children!!

When I tell you that EVERYTHING in China is done in such professionalism I really mean it! We were very impressed with how everyone took their jobs (even the people who cleaned up the streets) so professional, the chinese really work hard and give their jobs 110 %!

Bless her heart sometimes she gets so sweety just beads of sweet lay on her face, we try to tell her "Babe, don't sweat the small stuff"

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