Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Love my bows, brush & MY daddy!!!
but sometimes I just have to take out my bows, then I look right at my momma and she says boo which means NO in chinese then I just laugh or smile really cute like I dont understand her, it works for a little while till she thinks I have forgotten then she tries to put is back in thats when the fun for me begins, she says boo! boo! and I just giggle and turn to my dad and when he says BOO! I let her put it in my hair!!

Hey EVERYONE!! thanks for my wardrobe, I must say I look pretty cute,!!

Life is just smooth sailing, thanks Aunt Faith and Kelly for the adorable outfit I love to wear it!

sometimes the bows just wear me out!!!

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Joe said...

Marie and I have been keeping up with the blog, what a great idea!! Lily is soooo beautiful!