Saturday, November 18, 2006

Life is Grand... She loves her daddy through and through, and I am so happy for that a lot of times the girls will not have anything to do with the men, b/c they have never seen men. Yesterday was a very difficult day we had to travel by bus and plane from Changsha to Guangzhou, with a horrible cold. Sorry we were slow on the blogs but we have not stopped. Today was medical exsame and she passed with flying colors.

I can not tell you in words how much the whole experience has changed our lives, no amount of money or possessions could ever give such joy and completeness!!! Lily Mae Dangler has never had a home, a bed of her own, clothing not even a momma or a dadda to care for her. And icing on the cake is brothers that will love her to pieces. I don't know how to explain how I feel but when Lily looks me in the eyes I JUST MELT!! As I picked her up today (when she woke up) she just laid her head on my shoulders as she wrapped her little arms around my neck and I walked her over to the window and tears just STREAMED down my face, looking out at all the people and knowing that unless we had adopted her she would not have even been acknowledged by her culture, and when she would have left the orphange she would of had NO ONE, no family mother, or father, brother or sister, not relatives, no one to trace a connection to., where would she have gone she probally would have ended up in a sweat shop (most orphanes do) it absolutely crushed my heart and I looked to the heavens and gave praises to God our Father for allowing us the privledge and honor to have such a treasure. I have prayed over and over (especaially when flying over her province) that her biological mother would have peace the day we recieved Lily and that she would know, thru Gods blessings that she is cared for and loved, and that she would come to know Jesus just as her daughter will. I have to stop now the tears are pouring out again, I just can not tell you all how grateful I am (and Jeff) GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!! p.s. For those of you who have wondered... I LOVE HER AS MUCH AS IF SHE WAS OURS BIOLOGICALLY, there is NO difference at all. God Bless all of you, we are going out to shop and eat I LOVE ALL

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