Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ok!! I must admit one of the things I enjoyed the most was getting up and having a nice breakfeast with coffee, the food was excellent and I miss getting up and having a full layout of breakfeast food, being able to choose whatever I want and someone to wait on me, I mean NOT that our home does'nt run in this fashion, ahahhaahahah I wish, I truely enjoyed that part of the journey!!!
Do you ever go somewhere and get home and wish you would have bought that something you were debating over... well here it is I wish now I would have just gotten her this little coat for the Holidays, it was too cute on her, and yes I could kick myself for not getting it, especially because it was only like $6.00 US dollars!

We really enjoyed Guanzho, the parks were incredible, I wish they would serve the wonderful buffet style breakfeasts' in the park that would be a great concept, in that case I would have to move to this area if they pulle that stunt!!

Another fine picture of breakfeast feast!!!

We sat here on this corner the last day of our trip, that was a great time!!

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